Organic certified coconut oil (liquid and cold pressed)


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♡ Liquid organic coconut oil - the valuable beauty secret from the tropics:

You want a soothing, natural care for your skin and attach importance to a naturally fresh scent without artificial additives? Our coconut oil is exactly what you have always been looking for. It cares for your skin and hair and leaves a beautiful shimmer. Compared to commercial coconut oils, ours always remains liquid thanks to a special mixture.

How is our fragrant coconut oil made?

Our coconut oil is obtained in a gentle cold-pressing process from the dried pulp, the so-called "copra", of the coconut. Due to the gentle production, the valuable saturated fatty acids, especially lauric acid, are preserved. The lauric acid contained in the coconut helps to protect the skin from external influences.


Your skin will thank you


Our coconut oil protects your skin and gives it a healthy glow - but our all-round talent can do even more: especially flaky, dry and itchy skin recovers faster after application and becomes smooth and firm after treatment with coconut oil. Thanks to its active ingredients, our coconut oil is also suitable for skin prone to impurities. Surprise yourself and everyone else with a fresh complexion!

 For a radiant look!

It's not just your facial skin that enjoys the moisturizing kick of coconut. Treat your body to a valuable care without additives such as preservatives or emulsifiers. The fluid texture of the oil allows it to penetrate the skin more quickly: The oil does not stick to the skin and does not lie uncomfortably on the body. Immediately after applying the care, you can get dressed and feel good (secret tip: use it for a relaxing massage). The fine sheen left behind will give your legs, arms and décolleté a healthy glow.

Natural care for beautiful hair


Your hair is brittle and dry or in need of some care? Pamper them with a moisturizing coconut oil treatment. If it must go fast, already five minutes are enough to give them the freshness kick. As an intensive treatment, you can also let the oil soak in overnight. You will be surprised how healthy your hair looks after just a few applications.

Small tip: Our coconut oil does not weigh down your hair or make it greasy. Put a small amount of it between your palms, run it through your hair, and massage it into the ends.

Gleaming white teeth


Your teeth benefit from coconut oil, too! Put half a tablespoon to a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth. Rinse your mouth with the coconut oil and let it work on your teeth and gums.

Container: glass bottle (solid)
Contents: coconut oil &; sunflower oil (100ml, organic & cold pressed)
Application: Skin & Hair

Our coconut oil is 100% free from any animal / chemical additives.



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