Organic certified black cumin oil (cold pressed)


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Black cumin oil - the dark gold of the Orient:

For over 2000 years, black cumin oil has been considered an effective home remedy for health and beauty in the Orient.

Helps effectively against skin blemishes

Mainly, black seed oil is used to relieve skin problems.

Unlike other cosmetic care products, our 100% pure oil contains no preservatives or other additives that would further stress already stressed skin.

With its high content of essential oils, it is known for its strong antibacterial effect. If the dermatologist prescribes a mild antibiotic for acne, this has about the same effect as taking black seed oil capsules or oil for several weeks.

The thymoquinone it contains has been shown to prevent skin irritation when applied topically.

With black seed oil against neurodermatitis


Use black seed oil against neurodermatitis both internally and externally. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can even lower allergy tolerance.

Unsaturated fatty acids for stressed skin

Skin problems such as rashes or dandruff can be very stressful for those affected and are very unpleasant not only because of the aesthetic aspect, but also because of the accompanying itching. The unsaturated fatty acids care for the damaged skin and thus prevent further problems. The itching is also relieved.

With black seed oil against dandruff


Black cumin oil can improve skin texture and relieve itching with its essential fatty acids. It is very important to break the cycle of itching and scratching. Regular use of black seed oil (even topically) can help reduce itching and flaking of the skin.

For a bright smile


Black cumin oil, like coconut oil, is also excellent for oil extraction. Through this regularly applied morning mouth treatment, you can soon look forward to whiter teeth and fresher breath


Why is "cold-pressed" so important?

Our organic black cumin oil is obtained by the complex but very gentle cold pressing process. So we can be sure that all the important components of the oil are preserved.

In contrast to the usual "hot press" variant, in which the oil is extracted in several steps, the cold pressing process extracts the oil in a purely mechanical process without resorting to the addition of chemicals. Basically, cold-pressed oils (in cosmetics and in food) have a much higher content of vitamins and active ingredients and are of much higher quality.

Container: glass bottle (solid)
Content: 100% pure black cumin oil (100ml, organic & cold pressed)
Application: Skin & Hair

Our black cumin oil is 100% free from any animal / chemical additives.



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