Kabuki Bullet Slant Brush


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Unique design combined with incredible quality.

We believe that the closer the bristles are to your face, the better the control and application. That's why we created the Kabuki Slant Brush.

The Kabuki Bullet Brushes are small but powerful, giving you maximum control and effortless, even coverage.

The Kabuki Bullet Slant Brush is the advanced, essential brush that will transform your makeup application. This essential, patented, proprietary makeup tool from the Dome Collection is the first brush to be made in this elegant design.

It features a unique, proprietary curved handle for maximum control. Its ergonomic, beveled shape has a flat edge that effortlessly conforms to any facial contour. Each vegan and animal-free brush contains thousands of super-soft synthetic fibers that guarantee you remarkable results.

These revolutionary brushes are an absolute must-have for any beauty lover's collection.


Special features:

- The brush head is made of thousands of velvety soft, animal-free synthetic bristles.
- The dome-shaped handle is designed for maximum pressure control and comfort.
- The beveled surface allows for precise application and blending to achieve flawless coverage and enhanced definition.
- The beveled surface also picks up a lot of material and distributes it evenly for faster, more even application of makeup and powder and a flawless finish.


These brushes are ideal for applying foundation, concealer, bronzer and powder.
For maximum precision and control, hold the brush handle with your thumb and forefinger or in the palm of your hand.
3. First apply liquid to the face and gently move the brush back and forth until you achieve the desired coverage.
Eloise brushes are densely packed with animal-free synthetic fiber hairs that provide even coverage, so our brushes leave no streaks. Glide the brushes easily and do not apply too much pressure to ensure relaxed movement and an airbrushed finish.


1. Apply a small amount of shampoo/soap to hair.
2. Gently massage the entire brush in a circular motion on your palm.
3. Rinse the hair until the water runs clear.
4. Hold the hair bundle and squeeze the excess water out of the hair against a soft, absorbent towel.
Gently reshape the hair with your fingers if necessary.
6. Allow the brush to dry overnight.

Please note: Do not immerse the brush hair in water.



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